Pathegy was founded by Shakeel Mohammed, an ex-Global wealth manager for multiple leading financial institutions, serial entrepreneur in health & safety and data analytics, and mentor.

Also, Shakeel Mohammed works closely with two leading universities in Scotland, strategizing and supporting lecturers on how to best develop students to create exponential growth in their lives.

The founder believes that “the one size fits all approach” is obsolete; thus, individual and personalized approaches are the most efficient to bring out an individual’s talent.

Different strategies work better for each individual or organization, and a unique Pathway Strategy must be created for that purpose.
In short, people must be individually evaluated to address their specific weaknesses and enhance their confidence by highlighting their strengths.

Pathegy’s personalized approach allows businesses to direct their resources more efficiently, focusing their efforts on diversified training strategies. As a result, the workforce is more motivated to learn specific skills, which enhances loyalty and productivity, fundamental aspects in the age of “quiet quitting.”

Pathegy identifies where individuals are in their careers, develops the best plan, and helps to follow the designed path.

“You need to be equipped with the appropriate skills, knowledge, and understanding to grow exponentially.”

Shakeel Mohammed
Founder and CEO


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Our mission is to create a better you.


To equip individuals and organisations for success by providing a “Strategy Pathway”



We do everything with care, paying serious attention to understand your needs allowing us to see it from your perspective.
Many of our clients have experienced past trauma, anxiety, disappointment, low confidence, rejection, and shattered dreams. At Pathegy we care about you and your success.


Building trust to have open and honest non-judgmental conversations on what success looks like to you.
Where you are now and where you want to be and how we help you achieve your success.


We respect you by using confident positive language and showing deep admiration for your current abilities, qualities, and achievements.


We focus relentlessly on understanding and addressing your true needs.
We grow with you, offering solutions you need to ensure you make continuous improvements until you reach your true potential.


We get it!
Not everyone has the same time the same budget to implement new strategies.
We find quick, clever and resourceful ways to help create a “Strategy Pathway” that leads to your success with the resources you already have.


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